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Digital poverty is real. Access to technology is essential to all pupils. We have started to build a library of reconditioned notebooks, laptops, tablets and small desktops.

How does it work?

We sell our reconditioned computers to cover our core running costs (we are a not-for-profit). Once we have covered these costs all additional machines are donated to our Computer Library. We distribute our Computer Library through schools and community groups. All machines enable pupils to browse the internet, access online learning platforms as well as create documents, spreadsheets and presentations.


Each loan will be 'time bound'. If desired, the recipient will be welcome to purchase the machine at a pre-agreed replacement cost at the end of the loan period.

How much does it cost?

This service is offered free of charge. However, we require a guarantee in the form of a simple Loan Agreement that all damage-repairs or replacements will be paid for by the recipient, at cost price. We would always seek to keep costs down and so would repair machines where possible. If a machine cannot be repaired the cost of replacement would need to be met by the recipient.


We’d love to hear from you if you can support our work by donating machines. 

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