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Refurbished Devices

2econd Chance is a not-for-profit computer recycling company committed to bridging the digital divide by offering low-cost affordable technology through our partner organisations. We strive to donate 1 in 4 of every device  we refurbish back into the community, in 2023 we donated in excess of 200 devices in our local area thanks to funding from Barnet Together and North London Waste Authority. 


Given the clear need for access to hardware we are delighted to launch a new scheme in  2024 offering  groups the opportunity  to access free or subsidised devices based on their funding models. 


Donated Devices 


Working closely with Barnet Council, we are delighted to support its work promoting digital inclusion. Digital Inclusion is having the ability to use digital devices, such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones to access the internet. There are several barriers that can affect digital inclusion such as: 


  • Access/affordability – the means to connect to the internet – Broadband and data. 

  • Skills – having the skills and knowledge to use online services. 

  • Confidence – being confident to use tech and navigate the internet independently. 

  • Motivation – understanding why the internet is relevant and important in our day-to-day lives. 


This offer is open to community organisations based within the London borough of Barnet which are not in receipt of government or funding from local authority. We have a limited number of desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones available and will prioritise applications that target barriers to digital inclusion with people who are likely to be digitally excluded. 

Please note that refurbished machines do not come with Microsoft Office installed and we are unable to provide technical support.  


Your application will be assessed against the following criteria: 


  • Your organisation is based in the borough of Barnet. 

  • There are clear benefits to your service users. 

  • You can report the impact of your digital inclusion work every 6 months. 


You can complete the application form online 

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